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Skin Cancer & Mole Check in Perth & Regional WA

Why Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin cancer often goes undetected, as it can appear in different forms and in places that are difficult to see. By getting yourself screened at least once a year, you’re taking the first step in detecting skin cancer in its early stages. The good news is that skin cancer is almost fully preventable if it’s caught soon enough. While the majority of moles and freckles are harmless, it’s best to have them checked regularly for any unusual signs.

Most skin cancer is caused due to the sun’s rays. In Australia, cancer is one of the leading causes of death. In fact, it has been diagnosed in half of all Australians by the time they reach the age of 65. Therefore, it’s especially important for Perth residents to schedule a yearly mole check. A specialised mole clinic will view and evaluate your skin blemishes and spots for any abnormalities.

Skin cancer takes on many shapes and forms. Most irregularly shaped moles or freckles are not a cause for concern. If you have any that you are especially worried about, don’t hesitate to have these checked. When performed by a professional, a mole scan will eliminate the guesswork. If in fact, it is cancer, the sooner it is detected, the better.

Skin Check?

At My Skin Centre, we’re dedicated to making the mole scan process as quick and painless as possible. On average, a skin check only takes about 15 minutes. This check covers your entire body, as skin cancer can show up in the most unusual places.That’s why a thorough check is important.

For this procedure, we will check all areas of your skin. The process is quick and easy, and your comfort is our primary concern throughout the entire procedure. If you have any areas of concern, be sure to let us know.

At My Skin Centre, we utilise a hand-held device which illuminates and magnifies the skin for a detailed view. This procedure is known as a dermoscopy. During the dermoscopy, we will carefully inspect your moles and freckles, and also take a closer look at any irregularities in the hair follicles and capillaries. As we perform this procedure, we will make note of anything unusual.

During a dermoscopy, even borderline lesions can be examined and the need for a biopsy is often eliminated. As no specimen is required, this option can save you quite a bit of money and discomfort. Our professionals will provide you with detailed information and a consultation if they feel a biopsy is required.

Why My Skin Centre?

My Skin Center is Perth’s highly rated skin check provider. Using the latest technology, our caring team of General Practitioners have particular interests in early detection and treatment. With Australia reportedly having one of the highest rates of melanoma, a yearly skin check is highly recommended. By scheduling your appointment today, you are one step closer to peace of mind. We’ll provide detailed answers to your questions, and ask you a few of our own.

My Skin Center has nine skin cancer clinics to serve you throughout Perth and the South West. Each of our locations is privately doctor-owned.  We encourage you to visit one of our modern and up-to-date practices. Our mission is to make sure that your skin check goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.


Skin Cancer Services

Skin Check

The Skin check appointment will approximately take 15 minutes and is a thorough check of your whole body.


Dermoscopy refers to the examination of the skin using skin surface microscopy, trained doctors are able to use this tool to identify and diagnose skin cancer such as Melanoma.


On the day of your skin check if we find anything suspicious we may take a biopsy to ensure that the lesion is cancerous before treatment commences.

Mole Removal

Mole removal is only performed when it is clinically essential, or at the request of the patient if it is for cosmetic purposes.